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The National Scooter Rally

1st, 2nd and 3rd April 2016



Thank you for coming to Renmark. Here are the results of the awards. Thanks again to all our sponsors.

  • Best Automatic Scooter (not including maxis) - Philip Spencer's Vespa GTS250 - sponsored by Armadillo Scooterwear http://scoota.com.au/armadillo-scooterwear/
  • Best Geared Scooter - David Atkinson's Vespa 150 Super - sponsored by Vespa House http://www.vespa-house.com.au/
  • Best Maxi Scooter - Ben Kramer's 1980s Honda Helix - sponsored by Suzuki http://www.suzukimotorcycles.com.au/
  • Best Custom/Modified Scooter - Martin Lindley's Lambretta TV175 - sponsored by Scooter Style www.scooterstyle.com.au
  • Best Vintage Scooter (Pre 1977) - Trish Cameron's 1959 Iso - sponsored by Vespa Club of Melbourne http://vespaclubmelbourne.com.au/
  • Best Unrestored/Rat Scooter - Mikey Erdelyi's Vespa SS180 - trophy provided and prize sponsored by Southsiders Scooter Club, Adelaide https://www.facebook.com/Southsiders-sc-145951182433981/
  • Best in Show - Bob Reid's Vespa VBA - sponsored by SS Scooter Engineering http://ssscooter.com/
  • Best Vespa - Bob Reid's Vespa VBA - sponsored by Vespa House http://www.vespa-house.com.au/
  • Furthest Ridden - Gavin Rogers rode 1688kms from Armidale on his Vespa GTS300 - sponsored by GPS Imports http://www.gpsimports.com.au/

Spare stickers, patches and tube scarves from the rally are available, as well as patches and stickers from previous years. Please email sharonvespagirl@bigpond.comc

T shirts with the rally logo are still available here: http://cosmicbreed.spreadshirt.com/