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Email me with your scarf order... click on photos for a larger view.

The Riders' Scarf

As an open faced helmet wearer, I've usually ridden with a cotton bandana or scarf to keep the bugs out of my teeth. These scarves are also cotton, but they won't get lost or fly off as you're riding!

I make these out of 100% cotton, and unlike polar fleece neckwarmers which come in any colour as long as it's black, it is available in an endless range of colours and patterns, and you can wear it in summer too. As it's moderately stretchy, you can pull it up over your nose, or just wear it around your neck to keep the breeze or sun off, whether or not you have your helmet on.

The sizes correspond with helmet sizes, ie. XS (52 - 54cm head circumference), S (55 - 56), M (57 - 58), L (59 - 60), XL (61 - 62) and XXL (63 - 64).

The price is $20, and postage (within Australia) per scarf is $2.50.

           riderscarf6.jpg (218633 bytes) 

Please note that all international orders must be sent by registered mail. The international prices above are for registered mail.

Here's a few fabric suggestions... and all these paisley fabrics are available as well:

paisleys 1.jpg (311531 bytes)     paisleys 2.jpg (320890 bytes)     paisleys 3.jpg (266967 bytes)     paisleys 4.jpg (308832 bytes)  

Scooter print fabrics - $25 for a scarf in these quality fabrics. Mod scooters:  Mod_scooters.jpg (44222 bytes)  or multicoloured scooters:  vespa_lambretta_fabric.jpg (77492 bytes)

And for the cooler weather, here's a pale grey cotton flannelette with a Vespa print for $20:  Vespaprintridersscarf.jpg (40791 bytes)

 ~~ click on photos for a larger view ~~

riderscarfabric1.jpg (102531 bytes)

Woven black and white houndstooth, orange, Union Jack flag print, purple. 

(Due to the high cost of the Union Jack fabric, a scarf in this fabric is $28.)

riderscarfabric2.jpg (102595 bytes)

Turquoise paisley, polished cotton with floral and stripe print, "native" print, purple paisley.

riderscarfabric3.jpg (40678 bytes)

100% cotton ginghams: lilac, turquoise, orange, black.

riderscarfabric4.jpg (78116 bytes)

Large checks, psychedelic diamond checks, medium checks, purple cubic print.

riderscarfabric5.jpg (76890 bytes)

Multicoloured spots, white spots on black, yellow/green/white retro print, pale yellow.

riderscarfabric6.jpg (114222 bytes)

Two cotton-like rayon fabrics - floral/circles, and spots/geometric.

riderscarfabric7.jpg (57454 bytes)

Dark purple, lilac, red/green/white floral.

riderscarfabric8.jpg (143401 bytes)

Wide cream and black stripes, tiny checks, daisy spots, narrow black and white stripes.

riderscarfabric9.jpg (70131 bytes)

Brown/white/yellow retro print, fine orange and white stripes, white, black, orange/green stripes.

Hand printed designs for plain fabrics - colours currently available include black, white, purple, brown, green, orange, and silver.

printdesignscrop.jpg (64254 bytes)   GSVespa.jpg (28360 bytes)


Mod style scarves

Unless noted, scarves are approximately 7"/19cm wide and 53"/135cm long, including the fringe.

Postage (within Australia) for one or two scarves is $8.

 ~~ click on photos for a larger view ~~

SCARF 1: black wool with acetate lining. $29

SCARF 2: black wool with acetate lining, $29



SCARF 3: grey wool with acetate lining, $29


SCARF 4: pinkish red wool with silk lining, $29
SCARF 5: red and white Prince of Wales check wool with acetate lining, $29
SCARF 6: blue and white houndstooth wool with polyester lining (length is 51"/130cm), $29

scarf colour combo 7.jpg (299066 bytes)

SCARF 7 - brown wool/polyester blend with acetate lining, $29

scarf colour combo 8.jpg (192508 bytes)

SCARF 8 - brown wool/polyester blend with acetate lining, $29