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Shirts: chest sizes 32"/82cm - 44"/112cm (even inches)

Knit tops: chest sizes 34"/87cm - 48"/123cm (even inches); except roll neck skivvy, available in chest sizes 34"/87cm - 44"/112cm

Prices are in Australian dollars. They do not include postage, which is quoted on an individual order basis. Orders must be paid for before I commence work.- I accept payment by credit card through PayPal, or by cheque/bank draft/money order. Email me for more info.



Mandarin collar shirt


just some of my range of paisley designs... click on pics to enlarge... each square is 10cm across

also available in an almost unlimited range of plain colours... request your preferred colour

paisleys 1.jpg (311531 bytes)     paisleys 2.jpg (320890 bytes)     paisleys 3.jpg (266967 bytes)     paisleys 4.jpg (308832 bytes)


Collar detail: mandarin collar detail.jpg (289787 bytes)


skivvydetail.jpg (148295 bytes)

polyester/cotton roll neck skivvy: $39

or two in the same colour for $64

available in many basic colours, such as black, red etc.

100% cotton panelled skivvy with back neck zip: $39

also available as a T shirt with short sleeves

many colour combinations available, eg. black/white, red/purple...

panelledskivvy.jpg (31400 bytes)


skinny tie $29 in various fabrics


 ~~ click on photos for a larger view ~~

pure wools below:

Pic 1: black, black with medium pinstripe, black with narrow pinstripe 

Pic 2: dark brown, dark brown with medium pinstripe, dark navy (wool blend), bottle green

tiewool1.jpg (81122 bytes)      tiewool2.jpg (88201 bytes)

polyester blends below:

 black with white paired narrow pinstripes, grey/black stripes, navy and white pinstripe

tiepolyblend1.jpg (140549 bytes)    tiepolyblend2.jpg (120080 bytes)    tiepolyblend3.jpg (98142 bytes)

Pic 1: dark plum, black and purple gingham check, blue/orange "tonic", black and purple paisley

Pic 2: black with white paired stripes; black/grey/white medium stripes, black/grey/white narrow stripes, black with white narrow stripes

Pic 3: black and white houndstooth check, light orangey-brown, navy blue, navy blue with pinstripes


T shirt with arrow applique - above is the front view, below is the back view  $39

also available are plain T shirts in mens' sizes - in many colours in 100% cotton, and also in the fabrics below - $35

  t_shirts.jpg (64023 bytes)

 ~~ click on photos for a larger view ~~

tshirtfabric1.jpg (141896 bytes)    tshirtfabric2.jpg (130077 bytes)    tshirtfabric3.jpg (76957 bytes)   cotton stripe knits.jpg (83170 bytes)

Pic 1: red and black checkered (100% cotton), black and white gingham check print (100% cotton), bold floral print (polyester/cotton)

Pic 2: Union Jack flag print, and red tartan print (both polyester/cotton)

Pic 3: black wide rib knit, multicoloured vertical stripe print, "Mondrian" style print (all polyester/cotton)

Pic 4: 100% cotton striped kniits