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Email me with your seat cover order... click on photos for a larger view.

Postage for a single seat cover within Australia is $8.50 and rain covers are $2.50 each; please email me for international rates.

Vespa seat rain cover

Easy to pop on, so you won't get a wet bum when you come back to your scooter after parking it in the rain. It's made of the same fabric that lightweight bike covers are made from. The current colours available are green camouflage, leopard print, and black and white spotted print (now in stock for only PX and ET sizes).

Comes with a little storage bag so you can keep it in your legshield toolbox or under the seat.


rain cover 1.jpg (127729 bytes)     rain cover 2.jpg (139836 bytes)

rain cover leopard.jpg (288395 bytes)      rain cover black spotted.jpg (121686 bytes)


Pictured is a PX seat cover ($22). 
Also available for ET2/4, LX, current era Primavera, vintage bench seat (eg Super, Rally) ($22) 
and GT/GTS 200/250/300 ($25) . 



Vespa GT200, Vespa GTS250/300, Vespa LX and current era Primavera - prints or plain or two tone panels $60, black and white check $70

 gt_two_tone_2.jpg (38584 bytes)     gt_cover_profile.jpg (47338 bytes) 

  gts250_cover_2.jpg (51898 bytes)      gt_cover_under_view.jpg (41033 bytes)

LX cover.jpg (57076 bytes) 

Above pic: the Vespa LX seat cover has an opening at the front to accommodate the bag hook, a hole for the lock on the side, and Velcro-retained cut-outs for where the seat sits over the rear chrome grab rail.

FURRY SEAT COVERS for Vespa PX or similar models AND Vespa ET2 or ET4  - black and white check $60, animal prints and plains $50 

142_2.jpg (75605 bytes)     et2_4_seat_cover_2.jpg (372815 bytes)    142-1low.jpg (78468 bytes) 

 ET4blue.jpg (135177 bytes)  GTleopard.jpg (146591 bytes)  PXleopard.jpg (44251 bytes)


Plain (non-furry) seat covers in all styles $45

plain_seat_cover.jpg (51657 bytes)  light green cover.jpg (110510 bytes)  khaki cover.jpg (140920 bytes)

Various fabrics are currently in stock - request your preferred colour or pattern and I will see what I can do!


Also currently available: grey/black knit in either a houndstooth or leopard spot design.

  grey-black knits.jpg (134415 bytes)

ALSO AVAILABLE for 1960s era dual seat (e.g. Super, Sprint) without a lock. Same prices as for PX/ET.

 img_0638.jpg (648236 bytes)

A pic of some current fur fabrics including - black with rows of white dots - fluoro orange tiger print - royal purple - pale blue - leopard print - soft and extra thick dark brown or black - zebra print


I can also do seat covers in a woven cotton fabric. The examples here are shown in black and white chequered cotton drill, and camo drill, and dark grey stretch denim $45

checkseat.jpg (66808 bytes)  PX camo.jpg (62190 bytes)  denim seat.jpg (160230 bytes)

Need somewhere to put your rally patches but no space left on your jacket? Denim cover with your supplied patches sewn on $50

denim with patches.jpg (158518 bytes)

Spare wheel covers for ten inch tyres: fur fabric with the interior lined in a plain fabric $50

spare wheel cover back.jpg (58770 bytes)     spare wheel cover front.jpg (63628 bytes)

Also available in plain (non-furry) fabric for $40, and they can be made in a large range of non-stretch fabric too - ask for your preferred colour/design


Covers for standard accessory backrest pads are also available, priced at $18

Vespa backrest.jpg (117669 bytes)


Here's a few I made earlier.

The GTS250 cover also fits over the twin seats of the GT60:

Geoff NSW GT60.jpg (209664 bytes).

Geoff from NSW

Mark Perth.jpg (70330 bytes)     GTS300fabricseat.jpg (26176 bytes)

Two for Mark, Perth

SuesET2.jpg (68946 bytes)

Susan, U.S.A.

tish_sydney.jpg (86647 bytes)

Tish, Sydney


stripedseatcover2a.jpg (71021 bytes)

A one-off for Scott, Australia

Norbert's rain cover Melbourne.jpg (364840 bytes)

A wet day for Norbert

laura_uk_1.jpg (125909 bytes)     laura_uk_2.jpg (126121 bytes)

Laura, U.K.

Alan.jpg (81841 bytes)

A one-off for Alan, Melbourne